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Tips for healthy eating

Compliance with the principles of healthy eating is within everyone’s power. Read the rules below and take them as a basis when planning your diet – and the first step to a health wellness and lifestyle will be done.

Be active – move more, sit less

The receipt and consumption of energy must be balanced. To maintain normal metabolism and good health, you need to move and reduce the time spent during the day in a sitting position, especially behind different screens.

Start the day with breakfast

Breakfast should be abundant enough to recharge your batteries for the whole day. At night, the body consumes carbohydrate stores that have accumulated in the liver, and in the morning they should be restored. If you do not eat breakfast, the body will begin to decompose its own reserves, which can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the functioning of the body, for example, reduced efficiency, the ability to learn and concentrate. Carbohydrates, which we get with breakfast, are used immediately, and the body does not put them in the form of fat. Breakfast should be saturated with slowly absorbed carbohydrates. Good fit different cereals, especially from whole-grain cereals. Also suitable sandwiches, and for breakfast it is quite possible to afford a small delicacy.

Eat regularly

Plan your day in such a way that there is time for meals at least three times a day, whenever possible regularly, to avoid overeating caused by a long break between meals. If necessary, between the main meals can snack with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, yogurt. From the point of view of health of a tooth it is impossible to eat more often five times a day. Remember that a cup of coffee or juice or biscuits that you drank / ate between meals is also considered a meal. Do not go to bed completely on an empty stomach – if necessary, not later than a couple of hours before going to bed, you can have a little snack, for example, eat a vegetable.

Give preference not to meat, but to fish

Fish should be on our table 2-3 times a week, it contains the essential fatty acids Omega-3, which reduce the risk of disease with common diseases. Also, fish is an indispensable source of vitamin D, which in turn helps the body better absorb calcium, which contributes to the health of bones.

Consume fats reasonably

Our body necessarily needs fats, but in small quantities. Therefore, when cooking, you should give preference to steaming, cooking, stewing or baking in the oven, and not frying in a lot of fat. To reduce the content of saturated fatty acids in the food itself, remove the skin (including chicken) from the product before cooking; remove the fat and fat visible to the eye.

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